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Charissa Hope

Singer - Actor - Dancer - Choreographer


Eyes: Green    Hair: Blonde


Range: D3-E6 - belt/mix to F5 - Whistle Tones



  • Shrek Jr.                                                          Assistant Choreographer                          Orlando Repertory Theatre

  • My Son Pinocchio, Jr.                                    Assistant Choreographer                          Orlando Repertory Theatre

  • Beauty and the Beast                                     Assistant Choreographer                          St. Luke’s UMC

  • Sing It!                                                             Choreographer                                          Entertainment Central Agency

  • “A Man in a Minivan” - Martini Pop             Choreographer                                          Entertainment Central Agency


  • Rock of Ages                                                   Waitress #1 – Dance Captain                   TheatreWorks Florida

  • Not Another High School Musical                 Leah                                                           Orlando Fringe Festival

  • Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Tribute)              Lady Gaga                                                  Loud, LLC.

  • Big Fish – The Musical                                  Jenny Hill                                                    St. Luke’s UMC

  • Just Another Day Cabaret                             Vocalist                                                       Self Produced


  • Celestina Warbeck & the Banshees Xmas    Banshee A, B, C – Dance Captain           Universal Studios Orlando

  • Sing It!                                                             Alto, Sop2, Sop1 – Show Captain            Entertainment Central Agency

  • Celestina Warbeck & the Banshees               Banshee A,B,C – Dance Captain             Universal Studios Orlando 

  • Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Mashup                   Bride of Frankenstein                               Universal Studios Orlando

  • Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Mashup                   Phantasia                                                   Universal Studios Orlando

  • Hogwart’s Frog Choir                                     A cappella Soprano                                  Entertainment Central Agency

  • Pop Fusion!                                                     Vocal/Dance Swing                                  Six Flags Great America

  • A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas              Haley Comet                                              Walt Disney World Ent

  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year             Girl1/Girl2 Principle Vocalist                    Walt Disney World Ent

  • High School Musical 2: School's Out!          Principle Vocalist                                       Walt Disney World Ent


  • Blonde Ambition                                             Female Vocalist                                         Eklectic Entertainment

  • Paradigm                                                         Female Vocalist                                         Eklectic Entertainment

  • Vocal Flash                                                      Female A cappella                                     Entertainment Central Agency

  • CityWalk’s Rising Star                                    Back-up Vocalist                                       Metropolis Productions

  • Martini Pop                                                     Female Vocalist                                          Entertainment Central Agency

  • Grad Bash Karaoke Host                               Host                                                            Universal Studios Orlando

  • Front of House                                                Female Vocalist                                         Ken Arlen Orchestra

  • Indigo                                                               Female Vocalist                                         Ken Arlen Orchestra

  • Chicago Fire (MLS)                                         National Anthem Vocalist                        Toyota Stadium


  • Orlando Health Commercial                         Pregnant Woman                                      Legacy Casting

  • Chicago Fire                                                    Neighbor                                                    Joan Philo Casting

  • TMobile “Home for the Holidays”                 Vocalist                                                       ExtraOrdinary Talent

  • Geico “Ventriloquist”                                      Sexy Mom                                                  ExtraOrdinary Talent

  • American Greed                                              Janie Pang                                                 Kurtis Productions




  • Vocal: A cappella, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Legit, and Jazz Styles

    • Shalisa Sloan James, Mark Goff, Elaine Pechacek, John Komasa, Aaron Hagan, Steve Saari

  • Acting: Josh Rhodes, Anitra Bryant Pritchard, Colleen Defeo, Christine Kerber, Sybil St. Claire 

  • Dance: Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom (Latin and Hustle)  



                 Swing Experience             British Dialect                   Southern Dialect         Can Tie a Cherry Stem with My Tongue 

                   Can speak with a Lisp       Works with Animals         Splits & Straddles         Trained in Handling Guns

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